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Artist name : Nilgun YAKAR
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The artist was born in Ankara. After she graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Economy of Department, she worked in a private Bank. In 1996, she started to work as a teacher of Ministry of National Education. She retired in 2014. She is married and the mother of two. While she was working as a teacher, she made an effort to feed students' interest and affinity with visual arts.

She found the opportunity of being a student of the artist, dear Hızır Teppeev, who we lost in 2016. By virtue of this, she gained important skills and knowledge on art. Although the equipment to reveal an art piece are paints and canvas, she believes that art is created with emotions. Because the way of seeing and understanding the emotion and the thought behind an artwork crossed the way of knowing the history of art, she enjoys to examine diversified paintings from previous artists.

Currently, she is working in her own studio with her couple of art lover friends. Even though she could not find an opportunity to hold a personal exhibition, she is attending to domestic and abroad composite exhibitions.


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