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Artist name : Mir TEYMUR

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Biography :



(1947, Baku-Azerbaijan)


He was born in the Baku, Azerbaijan, family of physicians and painters in 1947. It was a creative atmosphere in his family and studies at the Palace of Pioneers, sculpture and painting studio, made him enter the Azerbaijan State Art College in 1964.

In 1968, Mir-Teymur continued his studies at the Leningrad Higher Art-Industrial College. There is devoted himself to interiors and architecture, though did not forget about black and white art, painting and sculpture. In 1972, he joined the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema, faculty of stage painter.

Mir-Teymur exhibited first in 1967, participant of 47 collective exhibitions and conducted 8 personal exhibitions. His works are found both in state museums and private collections worldwide.

In his creative activities, he is seeking to avoid using a specific artistic stuff clay, water colour, oil or pencil. He thinks that the most important thing is to express his innermost as painter and believes that the stuff for painter should appear as means, not object. He feels happy when his works inspire and gladden his spectator.

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