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Artist name : Rafael MURADOV

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Biography :

1943 Was born in Buzovna village in Bakü.
1966 Graduated from Azerbaijan State School of Arts named after Azim Azimzadeh.
1966 Began to work at the Republic and International Exhibition.
1976 Was admitted into the Union of Azerbaijan Artists.
2002 His works are kept at the Azerbaijan State Art Museum, State Gallery of Arts, USA,
Turkey,Germany and other countries at the personal collections.

He participated at the biennales of the Transcaucasia in 1970 and in 1988, the painters of the Caspian countries. He has been a constant participant of the Azerbaijan-Germany joint artists' exhibition since 1989.

He has been awarded Second Prize (2003) for his graphic board named ?'Our Tragedies'' at the Republic competition that held in the subject of ?'Genocide of Azerbaijan'' and has been awarded Third Prize (2003) for his graphic canvas named ?'Border Rodents'' at the gallery of Arts devoted to the life of border armies.

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