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Artist name : Süleyman ŞAHİN (Çoban Ressam)
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(1949, Günyüzü-Sivrihisar) 

I was born in 1949 in the village of Bey Yayla within the borders of sub-district Günyüzü of district Sivrihisar. I studied primary school to the 4th class here. Since the economic conditions of my family was pure, I came to the outskirts of Ankara to work as shepherd. While I was continuing my lead-pencil works, besides I pastured cows. Then, I left working as shepherd and worked as housepainter. I liked this job. I used to made pictures by oily dyes left from the work. I exhibited my works in Turk-Profession Art Gallery in 1968. Selling all the paintings in the exhibition in which the prime minister of that time was present, I took the first step into the professionalism. From now on I worked night and day. I continued drawing works without being fed up with.

I left Ankara and settled in Bursa in 1972. The natural beauty of Bursa attracted me terribly. I got up early morning and set out on foot to go to the nature, with my canvas, tripod and paint-bag. Until evening I would get more tired than a farmer. Meanwhile, I was continuing my exhibitions without a brake each year. At once I occurred Paris to me. Over centuries artists have gone there, lived and died there. I sold all of my materials in workshop in Bursa and went to Paris in 1983. Thus, I formed a line between Bursa and Paris. I functioned as the organizer of the “Bursa Ressamlar Sokagi”(Bursa Street of Painters). At that times I held exhibitions in Paris. All of the western tv. and press were mentioning me. ZDF TV. broadcasted a special program and dealt with my life. Nowadays I live in a village of Turkey. I had a new marriage. I am too happy. I continue with my works of Turkey-collection. Together with my wife, we cover thousands of kilo-meters of roads of Anatolia, continuing our works intensively.

“ I am earthen painter. I wake up before son shines. Since I know the importance of light for me, I never wasted light. Nights are too long for me. I don’t like holidays. Working constantly and intensively, I live too close with art. Where there is a cultural activity for the sake of art, I would be there. I regard myself as the biggest representative of the nature and the beauties we live. I wouldn’t like to account for history if my art sinks into the history. I know to study the rich culture and customs of the striking nature, each day with another exuberance and constantly. I am the biggest representative of nature. The smell of Anatolia fragrantly spreads out. The glitter of the slopes of the misty valley is reflected in my canvasses. I don’t even think to wipe the sweat on my forehead while I was arranging in order the corn-poppies by the brush. While I am dyeing , you suppose that the language of my yellow paints whistles. There is canvas just across me in the size of 110-140. As if it has legs and walks dancing around. As if I see blue, purple, yellow and grey spots flying around. I am in favor of creating not destroying. In my philosophy there are abundance, creativity and work. My only principle is the thinking.
I particularly welcome my visitors to my 40. personal exhibition.
Sincerely yours”.


1968 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1971 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1971 Ankara Germany Culture Center
1972 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1973 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1973 Ankara Harp-Is Art Gallery
1974 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1975 Beyoglu Fine Art Gallery
1974 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1976 Bursa State Fine Art Gallery
1977 Bursa State Fine Art Gallery
1977 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1977 Taksim Art Gallery
1978 Buras Akbank Art Gallery
1978 Antalya State Fine Art Gallery
1979 Bursa State Fine Art Gallery
1979 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1980 Izmir-Is Fine Art Gallery
1980 Ankara Governor Art Gallery
1981 Antalya State Fine Art Gallery
1981 Ankara 100.Year Art Gallery
1982 Bolu State Fine Art Gallery
1982 Istanbul Taksim Art Gallery
1983 Ankara Turk-Is Art Gallery
1983 Ankara Governor Art Gallery
1983MontMortre,Paris in the

1983 Eskisehir Fine Art gallery
1984 Gallery at the Ankara 100.Year Art Gallery
1985 The searching and working for 1 year in the MontMorte
1986 in the Sanzede,Paris
1987 Ankara Governor Art Gallery
1989 Eskisehir Fine Art Gallery
1990 Ankara 100.year Art Gallery
1991 Ankara Arel Art Gallery
1992 Eskisehir Culture Palace
1993 Ankara Arel Art Gallery
1994 Ankara Arel Art Gallery

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