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NewAge Painting Contest 2015 (Deadline: April 20,2015)





RC is organizing this contest to open new horizons for art lovers and to promote and support young artists. At the end of this first of a series of (traditionally) annual contests, achievement awards will be granted and artworks of significance will be displayed in an exhibition, further supporting the works of the young artists


Conditions of Participation:


· This contest is open to the senior students of 2014 academic year from Faculties of Education Department of Painting and Faculties of Fine Arts.


· Each student to apply for the contest has to submit a document concerning his or her status as a senior class student.


· Only artworks to be accepted will be oil on canvas and acrylic.


· There are no limitations to the subject matter.


. The images of the artworks will be sent as jpeg file, using highest quality, no smaller than 1 mb, no bigger than 2 mb each image.


. Images must represent the artwork exactly, showing no frame and be correctly oriented.


. Jpeg name should be as follows: Last Name, First Name, Title of Artwork, Image size.


. Application form should be filled appropriately and should be attached to the jpeg file.


. Jpeg file and application form will be sent to" class="system_dynamic_content_email_link">


. The best 250 artworks will be selected by the jury and their originals will be expected to sent to RC Art Gallery for further evaluations.


· The artworks are not to be framed.


· The long edge of the painting will be no more than 50 cm.


· The signature will be on the back of the painting including the size and (if any) the name of the artwork. There will be no signature on the front side of the painting.


· The name, surname, address and telephone details of the artist should be presented with a 20x15-cm. label placed at the back of the painting.


· Artists are expected to send their portrait photos and photos of them working on the artwork.


· Artworks that are sent from abroad should not have chassis, whereas artworks from Turkey will be accepted with their chassis and will be sent to the address provided, via cargo. The shipment fee will be paid by the sender.


· The best 250 artworks will be considered donations and will not be returned.


. The catalogue of the best 250 artworks will be prepared and will be sent to their artists. Also, the first 250 artists will be awarded with Colortone paint sets. In addition to that, they will be given a certificate of attendance.



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