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(1940, Istanbul)

Ayla Akyol was born in Istanbul in 1940.

She studied English Literature in Istanbul University. She participated Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver's Illumination and Miniature Course. She worked with artists Deniz Orkuş, Dara Abadi, Hasan Taşdemir, Ümmet Karaca and Ahmet İldar Veli.

She is a member of ?Fine Arts Union? and "Artists Community" in Turkey.
She has been organizing painting, stained glass and ornamental jewellery exhibitions in her Akyol Art House, since 2003.

Every year she works as a member of the Organization and Selection Committee of Büyükada Anadolu Club ?Traditional Prince Islands Resident Painters Exhibition?. She is also in the organization and jury of the "Anadolu Club Children and Youth Paintings Competition".

After UNESCO has declared the year of 2007 as the year of Mevlana, Ayla Akyol has been chosen as the paintings organizer by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Love and Tolerance Train from Konya to Madrid. In one wagon of the train Ayla Akyol will establish a paintings exhibition about Mevlana. The train will visit 8 cities in Turkey and 16 cities in Europe. In the last stop, Madrid, Ayla Akyol will give one of her paintings to Mr. Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain.

One of her paintings named "The House of Atatürk in Trabzon" has been rewarded and continuously exhibited in Beşiktaş Marine Museum.

She has participated many coexhibitions such as Athena in 2006.


Anadolu Club, Grand Island (Büyükada) in July 2001.
İnönü Museum, Heybeli Island in August 2001.
Anadolu Club, Grand Island (Büyükada) in July 2002.
Antalya Cultural Center (during 29 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival) in October 2002.
Şişli Municipality Art Gallery in December 2003. Her paintings are sold in Bali auction sale.

Her exhibitions in foreign countries:

2006 Athens
2007 Mevlana Love & Tolerance Train, Bulgaria
2007 Hungary
2007 Vienna  Austria
2007 Salzburg - Austria
2007 Stuttgart - Germany
2007 Frankfurt  Germany
2007 Berlin - Germany
2007 Hamburg - Germany
2007 Köln  Germany
2007 Amsterdam  Holland
2007 Roosendaal  Holland
2007 Brussels  Belgium
2007 Quevy  Belgium
2007 Madrid  Spain
2007 Barcelona  Spain
2007 Roma  Italy
2007 Sezena Slovenia
2007 Dobova  Slovenia
2007 Savski Hırvatistan
2007 Tovanik Hırvatistan
2007 Sid Sırbistan
2007 Presovo Sırbistan
2007 Tabanovci Macedonia
2007 Üsküp Macedonia
2007 Athens Greece
2007 Selanik Greece