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Ayşe Perran YEŞEREN
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A. Perran Yeşeren was introduced to the world of lines, pencils, and shadows when she was only four years old. She continued using her talent, which was discovered when she was a little child, by drawing portraits using pencils, painting watercolor pictures depicting the faces of people around her, and drawing the trees in the streets she wandered around, houses and nature around her.

After graduating from the Painting Department of Gaziantep Girls' Institute, she focused on oil painting and woodburning. She took a great interest in woodburning and was fascinated by this branch of fine arts. She shaped pieces of poplar wood and chipboard and created statuettes and pictures made of burned wood.

She also drew the portraits of some statesmen and her paintings were displayed at different art galleries. She has many works forming a part of private collections in Turkey and abroad and they are purchased by collectors.

She participated in exhibitions in various cities and districts in Turkey. She was awarded prizes, certificates of honor, and other certificates in those exhibitions.

The artist worked for a private bank for ten years and her experience in the banking industry helped her enter the physical world that we are living in. Her passion for painting never diminished and Yeşeren took part in various collective and personal exhibitions organized by the Girls' Vocational High School between 1973 and 1974.

She now produces oil paintings and pictures on burned wood at her home based on orders received from her customers. The painter also paints pictures on walls by using oil paint and her works decorate the walls of many homes, offices, and restaurants. The painter worked for the textile industry in Istanbul and Ankara in the next part of her career and designed and shaped fabric. She worked as a stylist and prepared designs by using her pencil again. She took part in personal and collective exhibitions from 1990 through 1993.

Aside from painting, A. Perran Yeşeren worked as an executive assistant, secretary, foreign relations manager in major companies, fashion designer, stylist in the textile industry, and accountant and manager in some construction companies.

Her two oil portraits of Atatürk were published in an anthology published by the Saküder - Cultural Association of Art and Artists' Community. The photographs of her two pictures on burned wood was published in a catalogue published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the First International Turkey Grameen Micro-credit Art Bienal entitled "Fight Against Poverty in the World," which was organized by the Tisva, Turkish Association for the Prevention of Wastage.

A. Perran Yeşeren also takes part in social activities and events. She conducts interviews and writes articles about painting for Türk Dünyası Yüce Erek (a monthly opinion, culture, and research magazine) and Türkiye'de Resim Sanatı'nı Medyatek (business, women, home) magazine.


She was the member of the GESAM, Professional Union of the Owners of Works of Fine Arts in Turkey, under the Directorate General for Copyrights and Cinema in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for six years and she was responsible for its publications. She is currently a member of the Ankara Painters' Association, a member of the board of directors of Dedeman Art Gallery; Ankara-Warsaw Friendship Association; Far East Culture Association, Macedonia Friendship Association, and Saküder, Cultural Association of Art and Artists' Community.

A. Perran Yeşeren also tutors her students at her studio in her home and receives orders for paintings from her customers.


1973-1974 Erkek Sanat ve Kız Sanat Sanat Meslek Lisesi'nde Karma ve Kişisel Gaziantep
1990,91,92 Karma ve Kişisel Resim Sergisi İstanbul,
1998 Üç Dokuz Sanat Galerisi, Kişisel Ankara
1990 Ekvator Dekor Sanat, Kişisel Ankara,
1999 İsveç Büyükelçiliği Kişisel Ankara
2001 Ankara Sanat Galerisi Kişisel Ankara
2003 Kuğulu Cafe Kişisel Ankara
2003 Dedeman Art Gallery Kişisel Ankara
2003 GESAM Üyeleri Karma Kalkınma Bankası Ankara
2003 Türk Dünyası Kültür Merkezi Karma Ankara
2004 Dedeman Art Gallery Karma Ankara
2004 Merzifon Sergi Kişisel Merzifon
2004 Ayaş Belediyesi-GESAM Karma Ankara
2004 Dedeman Art Gallery Kişisel Ankara
2004 Çağdaş Sanatlar Galerisi Karma Ankara
2004 Altınpark Fuarı Kişisel Ankara
2005 Dedeman Art Gallery Karma Yarışma Ankara
2005 Samsun Belediyesi GESAM Karma Samsun
2005 Ayaş Belediyesi GESAM Karma Ankara
2005 Çubuk Belediyesi GESAM Karma Ankara
2005 Ankara Dedeman Art Gallery GESAM ( Pakistan'a yardım ) Karma
2005 Dünyada Yoksullukla Mücade (Türkiye İsrafı Önleme Vakfı)1. Uluslar arası Türkiye Grameen Mikrokredi Sanat Bineali.
2005 Resim Heykel Müzesi Karma- Ankara
2006 Saküder - Sanat ve Sanatkarlar Topluluğu Kültür Derneği'nin; İstanbul Bakırköy Kültür Merkezi'nde karma - İstanbul