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She was born in Izmir, Turkey. She had a part in the plays "Köşe Kapmaca" and "Baba" at The State Theatre in İzmir.
1996 She started her university education at The Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Education, Painting Department.
2000 She finished her art education at same university.


Artist finished the Department of Fine Arts of Faculty of Education in Dokuz Eylül University in 2000. She acted one season in basic plays in the State Theatre of Izmir. Aysel Miman participated in the American Biennial of Contemporary Prints and International Abstract Prints Exhibition in Denmark, in 2008.


She won the International Abstract Painting Competition organized by People Art Gallery in America in 2007. She won the honorable mention award in the Young Artists Art Competition in the Art İstanbul Art Fair 2007. Her works were exhibited in the 67th State Art Competition, DYO Art Competition and in the competitions organized by the Ministry of Culture.


She participated in the 4th Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Genç Etkinlik - IV (Youth Activity IV) and Ankara International Art Biennial. Her articles and photography projects were published in Akköy Culture and Art Magazine and Geniş Açı Photography Magazine. Her paintings are in many private galleries and company collections. She is a member of Unesco Aiap Interational.


Aysel Miman is works in her own studio.




While pictora art is a way of thinking, my artwork is a geometrical amorphous composition putting the means of artistic expression (color, pattern, stroke) under the spotlight. The forms within the space are to reflect the notion of self sufficiency confirming no need for external imposition of any meaning. What I am trying to put emphasis on is that my art is a "spiritual resonance" of my intellectual perspective hanging on visual balances with its structural form and the color contrast. "Behind the Scene" is peeking at us with color and form on the surface but an inconceivable authenticity beneath. It is the enunciation of the universal conundrums of the present and my idiopathic disposition moulded by abstract qualities. It is the staging of a live scene on the canvas not just a painting. My work "Foça" for the Ferruh Başağa will also be part of the exhibition.