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He was born in 1960. He went to Ankara State Conservatory to be a hallet dancer, but did not complete his training there. He has been interested in photography since he was a child because his father was also a photographer. Hence, he himself began working as a photographer. He gained experience as a dark-room operatör. He has been working as a professional photographer after he set up his own photograph studio and market.

He became a member of "Afsad" (Association of Photograph Artists in Ankara) in 1982. He carried out several exhibitions on creative works of nüde art, nature, and tourism. He carried out transparent artistic exhibitions on îhe topics of "Anatolia", "Cappadocia", "Safranbolu" and "Seven Lakes". The places of his exhibitions are as follows: "Creative Cappadocia" at İstanbul Inter Camera Fair-Sanfo Stand, "Redolence" and "Panoramic Stories" at Ankara Modem Arts Center, "...stagnant melancholy" at İstanbul IX. Fotography and Digital Snapshot fair, and "them" at Near East University.

He was an active participant of the establishment of "Lotus Photograph Activities Centre". He acted as an examiner in the field of photography, as a trainer and an adviser. His photographs and portfolios were published in many magazines.

He worked both as a member in the editorial board of the journal of photography. He acted as a director at "fsk (The Council of Photographic Arts). He has such photographic albums as "Arinna Sun Goddess" which involves his nüde works and "Panoramic Stories" which is based on his panoramic works. He has been interested in technical developments in the field of photography. He carried out digital-photographic exhibitions called "Dream Stories", "Frora öur Stages", "The Other Cappadocia", and "Metalic CalIs". His Works were inspired by his love of environment and his environmental sensitivity.

Adnan POLAT was awarded national and international prizes owing to his exhibitions and works. He was labelled as the "Artist of the Year" by the Ankara Arts Council in 2003/2004 art season. He is stili a member of Aturjet international Tourism Journalists' and Writers' Association (FİJET). He carries out his professional studies and activities in Ankara.