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(1969, Istanbul)



She was born in 1969 in İstanbul. After graduating from Nişantaşı Anatolian High School in 1986 (EHSB) she completed her license in 1990 at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Labor Economics and Industrial Relations Department of Marmara University,


She worked in engraving at Ütopya Platform Art Studio between 2008 and 2009 with Erkan Özdilek, teacher at the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University. In 2008, she joined the Summer Academy organized by the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University and worked with Prof. Dr. Karl Schlaminger, famous painter Ergin İnan and faculty teacher & famous painter Erkan Özdilek. She started working part time at Ütopya Platform Art Gallery in 2012 established Ütopism stream, and continues to work in line with this trend.


She joined at several exhibitions between the years 2008-2011 respectively at Valide-i Atik complex, Caddebostan Culture Center, Safranbolu district Governership Exhibition House, Moda Sea Club, "From generation to generation" exhibition along with children and employees of Nestlé by participation of Nestlé Art Club and Nestlé Photography Club members at Ütopya Platform Art Gallery. She opened her 1st personal exhibition for the World's Esperantists Conference held between April 4 and 6 2009 in İznik.


In 2009, as a result of a brain haemorrhage due to a brain aneurysm she has been cared about 1 year and became more positive about life. During her treatment, her voice therapist composed a song and she has written her song "Life" s lyrics. For the first time, her song is played by the Nestlé Music Club's Orchestra "Stuff Shop" in February 22, 2012, on the Radio Cazkolik of Ahmet Erözenci's program "After a shadow - Bir gölgenin ardından." A common art activity in 2010 called "A Lighted Road" which is an exhibition of the turning point of her life as mentioned in her book "Did you miss me?" held in Ütopya Platform Art Gallery.


She plans to open an exhibition in September 2012 called "Lace of My Grandmother - Ananemin Danteli" and in 2013 an exhibition to be called "Longing for Sea - Denize Özlem"  which was a song composed and written by her father's precious composer friend Gündoğdu Duran for her elder sister Didem. She would like to design an invitation with its lyrics & musical notes so that all the guests will be listening it together for the first time other than the composer of the song.