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(1969, Kars)


Painter - Poet and Writer.


Ali Senger was born in Kars in 1969. He is a member of an artist family. His artistic life that started with an interest in art and literature, pictures for him and his people and made poems.


In 1983, he conducted literature studies with poet and writer Hasan Hüseyin YALVAÇ and literature teacher Hasan AYDIN, who is the son of the same lands, and Hasan Servını, the teacher of literature, and the support and support of Author Servet KÖŞUCU.


In 1984, he began publishing his poems, articles and stories in literary and cultural journals.


In 1985, he opened his first solo exhibition in İMAJ art gallery in Istanbul / Nişantaşı at the age of 15.


In 1993, he left his hometown, Istanbul, and returned to his family in Ankara and decided to continue his artistic activities there. In the same years, he published his research book named GEÇ HISTORY, THIS DAY AND FUTURE OF EUROPEAN UNION AND CUSTOMS UNION Aynı.


Between 1993 and 2004, he worked in different branches of art. (Sculpture - Pattern processing and engraving on the tree - artistic graphics and advertising - art films and art consultancy as well as art criticism) have also been involved in artistic productions.


In 2000, he published his short story book IR RAZIDIR RIZA "about chaotic days of 1980s.


When he was in Ankara in 2004, he published the theoretical art bulletin kendi Ali SENGER painting workshop "bearing his name in order to serve art.

In 2006, 41 different universities and faculties of Fine Arts, including Professor. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülsün PARLAR, Dr. Zafer GENÇAYDIN, Professor In line with the support and suggestions of artists and academics such as Hasan PEKMEZCİ and J. Habib GEREZ, he established the journal gibi ART STREET usunda which is an academic, referee and scientific art magazine. He was also the Editor-in-Chief and Editor of the same journal.


In the same year, the artist, together with the painter - poet and writer Josef Habib GEREZ, published his poetry collection İSTANBUL LOVE and ISTANBUL Z.

In 2008, it entered the ARTVISIT catalog, an international artist promotion guide.


In 2008, she led the, ART BROTHERSHAND ALL movement with the participation of artists such as Ali SENGER, Yaşar ÇALLI, Habib GEREZ, Habib AYDOGDU, Hasan PEKMEZCI, Anver KARAYEV, Asim RESULOĞLU, Hamza ABDULLAYEV, Nagdali HALILOV, Samedaga CAFEROV and Mir-Nadir ZEYNALOV. It has been found in artistic activities in Turkey and Azerbaijan.


2009 Casa Editrice, headquartered in Rome, Italy, was invited as the first Turkish artist to participate in the CIDA art catalog (World Modern Art Catalog).

In 2010, together with the poet and writer Josef Habib GEREZ, they published their second book of poetry called "GÖZYAŞLARI İŞ.


In 2011 she published her third collection of poetry books kitap SOLUKSUZ YALNIZLIKLAR S with poet and writer Josef Habib GEREZ.

2011 Casa Editrice CIDA is the center of art in Rome, Italy.


In 2012, together with the painter - poet and writer Josef Habib GEREZ, they published their fourth poem book titled birlikte PRANGALI ÖZLEMLER 2012.

2012 has been awarded with certificates, certificates and various documents due to the support and activities it has given to social responsibility projects.

2012 present the subject of Turkey "VORTEX Who shot you," he wrote the novel.


Until this day

1 (one) research book,
1 (one) story book,
1 (one) art bulletin,
1 (one) art magazine,
5 (four) Poetry Books,
1 (one) novel,
18 (eighteen) personal paintings

He took part in more than 100 mixed painting exhibitions.


The artist, whose works are in the collections of countries such as America, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Israel, Rome and Spain in Turkey and abroad, carries out his artistic activities in Istanbul and Ankara.


He still continues to work in Ali SENGER Art Studio which bears his name in Ankara.