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Ali Osman COŞKUN
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Ali Osman Coşkun was born in 1958. He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, in the periodicals such as Yarın, Edebiyat Dostları and Red, he published his dravvings and articles. He also designed posters and illustrated book. in the early years of its foundation, he coordinated the culture and art unit of the Ankara provincial organisation of the Freedom and Solidarity Party. in the DYO 20thArt Exhibition, his work was found "displayable". He declared and wrote that his attendance in this exhibition was a mistake (Edebiyat Dostları, issue 32, December 1989). The selection committee of the 20thToday's Artists istanbul Exhibition (2000) ignored his text which expressed that he vvould reject any prize that would be given and which questioned the concepts like sponsor, competition and prize and asked other people to guestion them. in this exhibition where his work was found "displayable", contrary to Coşkun's claim, the selection committee did not exhibit his text and preferred silence.




1988, 1989, 1992 Olusum Arthouse, Ankara
1996 Dost Art Gallery, Shivering Soul; Warming Blood, Ankara
1997 Iletisim Bookstore, To (Not to be Able) Live, Izmir
1997 Hall of the Ankara provincial organisation of the Freedom and Solidarity Party Drawing Exhibition, Ankara
1998 Gözde Art Gallery, 1 cm 2 of a Life, Ankara

2000 Elhamra Art Gallery, Individual Occurrence, Istanbul

2004 Artı Gallery, Ankara

2012 National Art Gallery.Octopus' Land Notes (Memories, Notes, Dreams and Memorable Friendship), Male, Maldivler
2013 Kalkan Cultural House, Animal Symbolicum, Antalya

2014 Firca Art Gallery, Vortex and "Reasonable Doubt" Ankara



1986 DYO 20. Art Exhibition
1996 Exhibiton for Peace, Ankara
1997 Exhibiton for Peace, Ankara
2000 20. Contemporary Artists, Exhibition, Istanbul
2005 Gallery Sanatyapım, Faith Maps, Ankara
2006 16. lnternational Istanbul Art Fair, (Karşı Art Works), Istanbul
2010 Exhibition of the Federation of the Revolutionaries of 78's, September Darkness, Ankara
2015 Art Ankara-2015/ Ankara Art Trade Show (Fırça Art Gallery), Ankara
2015 United Artists and Sculptors Association (BRHD) 45th Annual Exhibition, Ankara
2015 3. Izmir International Art Biennale 2015, Izmir

Drawing Albüm : Ahtapotun Kara Notları - "Octopus" Land Notes, Ankara, 2000




Sınıf ilişkileri - Sureti Soldurulmuş Bir Resim mi?/ "Sınıfta Durmak; "Sınıftan Kaçmak; Sınıfta

Kalmak - Class Relations: A Faded out Scenery?/ Remain vvithin "The Class"; Break Away from "The Class"; Fail the Class, Prepared by:M. Nedim Süalp, Aslı Güneş, Z. Tül Akbal Süalp. Bağlam Yayınları, istanbul, 2011


lllustration of the book titled Zaman Mekan: Kuram ve Sinema, - Time Space: Theory and Cinema-, Z.Tül Akbal Süalp, Bağlam Yayınları, istanbul,2004


Ali Osman Coşkun - Halita / Alloy, Dipnot Yayınları, Ankara, 2015