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Asaf Zeki YÜKSEL
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(1961, Istanbul)


Asaf Zeki Yiiksel studied at Mimar Sinan University Department of Painting between 1982-1987. He got his graduate degree at the same university. He held exhibitions together with Turkish and Swiss artists both in Istanbul and Zurih. His first exhibition was held in 199O at Tesvikiye Art Gallery in Istanbul. His exhibition named ' Yeraltindan Sesler' is still in display. Asaf Zeki is continuing his work as a freelance artist in Istanbul.

Asaf Z. Yiiksel is also a musician who sings and plays instruments such as ney, clarinet, Theremin, saxaphone and other instruments he invented, with Dinar Band.

He had 3 albums and more than TOO concerts with Dinar Band. After he nourished himself with performances in music and in different disciplines, he decided not to paint with his right hand which he describes as an extension of his mind which is an educated expert but a stranger to himself. Instead he started to paint with his left hand which he describes as a rookie but naive and childish which is an extension of his heart. This way he tries to open the forms, transit from figurative painting to paint painting, to show his inner childish enthusiasm and not to let his free soul disappear in the gears of capitalist production system.

He paints only to be himself and to express himself. He created his paintings on TO FLY' which incorporates upheaval while playing with the production affairs' vomit and to transform the dialogue of randomness and subconsciousness into poem with logical arrangements. The birds are the symbolic expressions of his free spirit.




1986 Viking Özgünbaskı Resim Yarışması (Mansiyon)