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Aynur OKAY
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(1943, Ankara)

Aynur Okay was born in Ankara 1943 and educated at Ankara College. She did some art research in U.S.A. and in some cities of Europe. As an autodidact artist Ms. Okay for a time was belanged to the "Akatünvel Art Group". After she had quitted the group, she has been continuing her works individually.

The artist patticipated many group and solo exhibitions in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir. Her works are to be found in private collections in Turkey an abroad. The artist participated İstanbul Art fair ten times.

The artist has a Ph. degree architect daughter.




1.Turkish Women Assosiation 53 rd year painting competition exibition (first prize)
2.Turkish Navy Force Commendrship Painting Competition Exhibition (First mantion)




While the cosmos pursues its existence in negative positive order, humankind as a part of this organization is oppressed by the dilemma of its balance, and spends his life for its codes. This unchangeable reality, which exceeds himself, motivates him to search for solutions. During the conceptional period of the process of creation - where thoughts and feelings are balanced in a precise relationship without dominating each other -, objects lead to a formation of their own expressions.

When taken into consideration, the presence of the creatures of all times, furthermore the mythological-legendary ones, it can be stated that these artworks comprise a time conception in which nonexistent times are also included. This can also be interpreted as "timelessness". All the imaginable objects or images, take a form in these artworks; they may be from the limitness period of time which begins in imaginary dimensions, and extends to the ancient times, then to the present day, and further to the inexperienced times, and also they may be from the known or unknown parts of the cosmos that is constituted of real and unreal universes. Neutral areas concretize; abstracted figures and tissue like movements on surface find their internal dynamism in contrasting color relations with the pictorial space.



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1. İş Bankası Sanat Galerisi İzmir 1986
2. Galeri Selvin Ankara 1987
3  Sanfa Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1988
4. Galeri Selvin Ankara 1989
5. Vakko Sanat Galerisi İzmir 1989
6. Minyatür Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1993
7. Artium Sanat Galerisi Ankara 1995
8. MEB Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1996
9. Vakko Sanat Galerisi Ankara 1998
10.Galerie Artec no1  -  Mannheim Almanya 1998
11.Ariyel Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 2003
12.Galeri Artist İstanbul 2005
13.Ege Üniversitesi Kampus Kültür Mrk. Sanat Galerisi  İzmir 2008
14.Konak Belediye Güzelyalı Kültür Mrk. Sanat Galerisi  İzmir 2010




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3.  Ankaralı Sanatçılar Sergisi Ankara 1989
4.  Galeri Selvin  Ankara 1992
5. İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 1992
6.  Minyatür Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1992
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10.Turgut Pura Vakfı Sanat Galerisi İzmir 1995
11. İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 1995
12. Rotary Sanat  Galerisi İzmir 1996
13.Habitat.2 Resim Yarışması Sergisi Ankara 1996
14.Deniz Kuvvetleri K. Resim Yarışması (1. Mansiyon) İstanbul 1996
15.Leonardo Sanat Galerisi İzmir 1996
16.MEB Sanat Galerisi                              İstanbul 1997
17.Eylül Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1996
18.6.cı İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 1996
19.Vakko Sanat Galerisi Ankara 1998
20.Opera Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1998 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 1998
22.Ares Sanat Galerisi İstanbul 1999 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 1999 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 2000  İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 2001 İstanbul Sanat Fuarı İstanbul 2002
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28.Gazi Mustafa Paşa Sanat Galerisi İzmir 2004
29.Güzelyalı Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi İzmir 2006
30. Ege Üniversitesi Kampüs Galerisi İzmir 2006
31.Bilkent Üniversitesi Kütüphane Sanat Galerisi Ankara 2007
32. Art İstanbul Sanat Fuarı 10/18.Kasım İstanbul 2007
33. Ege Üniversitesi 3. EgeArt Sanat Günleri "Ege'de Sanat Yaşamı" Karma sergisi İzmir 2009
34. 1. Uluslararası İzmir Sanat Bienali İzmir                                               2011