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Feyhaman DURAN
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(Istanbul, 17 September 1886 (1302) - Istanbul, 6 May 1970)

In 1895 Duran enrolled at the Galatasaray Sultani (secondary school), completing his sixth year in 1908, at which time he began to work for a living, his first job being as a clerk for the Porte. That same year he began teaching calligraphy at his alma mater. Feyhaman 's talent was noted by Tevfik Fikret as well as by Vicen Arslanyan Efendi and Sevket Dag, both teachers at the school, and the three attempted to send him to Paris for an training.

Abbas Halim Pasha, with whom Duran made an acquaintance by chance, in 1910 undertook his educational expenses and arranged for him to go to Paris, where in 1911 he studied at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts under Paul Richet, who taught anatomy, and also attended the Academie Julien. He further pursued studies under the tutelage of Jean Paul Laurens and Albert Laurens, attending the Paris School of Decorative Arts in 1912 and Gorman's studio at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in 1913-14. With the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914 Duran returned to Istanbul, where he met Prof. Dr. Akil Muhtar, who sat for a number of portraits. In 1916 Duran took part in the 1. Galatasaray Exhibition, where his Portrait of Dr. Akil Muhtar won both the silver medal and the Homage to Beauty Prize. Once back from Paris be worked for the magazine Harp (War), depicting military scenes. He contributed to exhibitions at the Society of Ottoman Painters, and together with Ibrahim Calli and Sami Yetik taught drawing and painting in a studio at the Zuhal Stationery Store.

On 2 December 1919 Duran was appointed teacher of drawing at the School of Fine Arts, He was a founding member of the Union of Fine Arts, and served on its board until his death.

In 1922 he married his student, Guzin hanim. When the Girls' and Boys' Schools of Fine Arts were merged he became the drawing teacher at the resulting School of Fine Arts on l June 1927, and in 1933 joined the staff of the painting department there. In 1938 he was sent to Gaziantep under the Republican People's Party program designed to acquaint artists with their homeland, and he came back to Istanbul with ten new paintings. In January of 1939 he was invited to Ankara together with Calli and Ayetullah Sumer to do a portrait of Ismet Inonu.

From 1943-47 Duran and his wife painted pictures on the interior and exterior of the Topkapi Palace Museum. In 1951 he retired but continued to paint in his Beyazit house, a landmark which he bequeathed to Istanbul University. He belonged to a generation known as the 1914 Impressionists, and in addition to portraits did landscapes and depictions of interiors. He had an interest in miniatures and calligraphy, trying his hand at the latter.