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Cemil EREN
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(1927, Merzifon)

Eren graduated from, the Military Academy, but deciding to become anartist resigned from the army while a lieutenant. He worked for a time as an assistant set designer for the State Theater, and received no academic training. Eren's first art lessons came at the military academy from Semsettin Arel, and he furthered his knowledge by working with such artists as Ali Riza Bayazit, Esref Uren and Turgut Zaim. He had an on-going friendship with Nuri Iyem from which both benefitted.

In 1953 Eren did the ceiling frescoes of the Ataturk Mausoleum. He has worked in various branches of the plastic arts, including theater sets, murals, stained glass and ceramics, being introduced to the last by Nasip Iyem. Eren has done ceramic panels for the An Studio and Ziraat Bankasi (The Agricultural Bank). During the 1960s he wrote for a number of magazines and newspapers, including Ulus, Forum and Dost.

He has held one-man shows, and contributed to collective exhibitions, not only in Turkey but also in the USA, Jordan, Germany, Poland and Spain.

For a time Eren did abstract paintings, but after 1969 turned to a figurative vein, depicting his surroundings, the objects in his life, and in general whatever struck his eye. Bodrum as a town, and the country around it, have figured in all his periods, with their fish and fishermen, the fowl, and in short the entire culture of the sea.

Eren has also focused on such architectural details as doors and windows, capturing their folkloric and historical qualities and their aesthetic value. He has done portraits and compositions with figures, and after 1987 did renderings of Don Quixote. Recognized as a master of the color white, Eren uses light with a richness that makes the paint and the very canvas gleam. His approach to color and drawing are genuine and naive.