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Abdülmecit EFENDİ
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Born in 1868 in İstanbul, the artist was the heir to throne as the son of Sultan Abdülaziz II. After his father was dethroned, he led a reclusive life until 1908. in the palace, where he took an interest in painting and foreign languages. Upon accession of Vahdettin to the throne in 1909, he became entitled crown prince. Maintained his religious title as the caliph for a period after cessacion of the sultanate.

Abdülmecit was not only an accomplished artist, but also a patron of the arts and the artist community. During his years as the crown prince, he remained the honorary president of the Society of Ottoman Painters, established in 1910, and and gave considerable financial support to the monthly journal published by the society and gave considerable financial support to the monthly journal published by the society.

Abdülmecit’s paintings are sensitive and realistic. He possessed a superior understanding of colour. He sent examples of his works to the great annual exhibition in Paris, and one of his paintings was chosen for display. His paintings titled Beethoen in the Harem, Goethe in the Harem and Yavuz Sultan Selim were also displayed at the Vienna Exhibition in 1918. A portrait of Sultan Aziz on horseback as well as Recaizade Ekrem and Abdülhakhamit portraits are among his significant works.

Abdülmecit Efendi, the last of the caliphs, died in exile on August 23, 1944 in Paris.