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Mürşide İÇMELİ
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(Istanbul, 1930 -
Ankara, December 10, 2014 )

In 1947 Icmeli joined the middle school level painting seminar at Istanbul's Capa Teacher Training Institute, and when the school was closed at the end of that year continued her education at the Normal Schools for Girls in Bursa and Konya. From 1950-53 she was enrolled in the Gazi Teacher Training Institute Department of Painting and Crafts. Upon graduation she taught an for a time at the Afyon High School, and in 1959 became a teaching assistant in graphics at her alma mater.

In I960 Icmeli studied the an of print-making in Madrid on a Spanish government grant. In 1960-61 she studied engraving at the Escuela Central des Bellas Artes de San Fernando (a fine arts academy), and lithography at the Escuela National des Artes Graficas, earning a certificate. From 1962-65 she was at the L.C.C Central School of Arts and Crafts, specializing in illustration in the Graphic Arts Department. From 1965-86 she taught in the Department of Painting and Crafts at Gazi University's School of Teacher Training, and from 1986-95 at Bilkent University's School of Fine Arts and Music, where she was instrumental in founding the Department of Graphic Design which she chaired until 1989.

In 1995 she voluntarily retired, having received the "Proficiency in Art" degree in 1985 and a professorship in 1986. Jcmeli's first solo exhibition was in 1976, since which time she has had nearly 30 others, as well as contributing works to many exhibitions and biennials at home and abroad. She has been the recipient of numerous awards both domestic and international.

Icmeli has done illustrations for books of foreign language instruction, and has also executed posters for the State Opera and Ballet Company. She has been influenced by Anatolian civilizations and the culture of the Mediterranean, and concerned herself with questions of mysticism and tradition. It intrigues her that concepts of man have been expressed similarly in widely divergent parts of the world. She has focused on the dichotomy of life and death, producing works in a symbolic, abstract language and using the entire gamut of printing techniques. Geometrical solidity characterizes her composition, and she gives prominence to the tension between white and black, as well as to that between texture and surface.


She died in Ankara in December 10, 2014.