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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


1- Are all of the artworks original?

Yes, all of the art works are original and produced by famous TURKISH artists.


2- Are all of the paintings on canvas?

No, we specied them below the paintings.


3- Are the paintings framed?

Yes, they are generally framed. If not ,we will inform you when you give an order.

4- Do the dimensions of painting include frame size?

No, the dimensions of the paintings are not include frame's size. They reflect only canvas size.


5- Do you sell all your paintings which you displayed on the website?

No, some paintings are not for sale. We indicated them as "COLLECTION" or "SOLD"


6- How to order?

To place an order, please contoct us with the artist name and product code.       




Tel: +90 312 435 46 35

Tel: +90 312 433 97 75

Mobile: +90 (312) 295 69 31             


7- How is the payment made?

Please contact with us.       


8- How do you deliver the paintings to us ?

Please contact with us.


9- Can I return if I don't like the artwork?

Yes, you can return it without demage in one mounth without notice.